January 01, 2013

Featured in Yankee Magazine

I'm honored and delighted that my work has been featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Yankee Magazine!  The article is so beautifully written and so kind, it made my heart melt to read it.  Yankee Magazine has been a part of my family for generations - my mother and grandmother both subscribed throughout my childhood, and it's an honor to be featured in such a great publication.  The folks there are incredibly nice to work with, and I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity.  

The issue hit store shelves on Christmas and the article is on pages 92-97.  If you're interested in reading more about how I make my images and what inspires me, there's a good bit of information in there, as well as some very generous and beautiful prose by the editor, Mel Allen.  

Allison Trentelman's photographs create the sense of peering into a silent, secret place, and the way she accomplishes that connects her with the best naturalists, who know that entering that world is about time and patience, observing and feeling.  - Mel Allen, editor of Yankee Magazine

November 05, 2012

My Prints on NBC's "Animal Practice"

I'm excited that several of my prints were purchased recently to be used on the set of the NBC show, "Animal Practice".  Three of my large bird portraits hang in Dorothy's office, a couple hang in Doug's office, and several others are in the reception area.  Here are some screenshots from the show.

My red cardinal, mourning dove, and female cardinal prints in Dorothy Crane's (Joanna García-Swisher) office.  

Shown here with Dr. Coleman (Justin Kirk) and Dr. Rizzo (Crystal the monkey).

My sheep print hangs near the reception area

One of my Maine landscape prints hangs in Doug's (Tyler Labine) office

A little lichen print also hangs in his office (lower left)

And I don't have a good screenshot of this one, but that's my squirrel print hanging on the wall back there.